Software/Systems Engineering & Integrations


Software/Systems Engineering & Integrations

Enhance your organization’s performance cost-effectively— optimize your applications to align to organizational strategies with Software Development Services from Avosys.


AVOSYS provides application development, maintenance, migration & re-engineering, and testing services. Drawing upon expertise in multiple domains, technologies, tools, and platforms, we employ strategic methodologies and best practices to deliver solutions that maximize customers’ returns on IT investments while meeting
their immediate and long-term needs and goals. We provide the framework for application development consulting plus the assurance that solutions meet customer specifications and are delivered on time and within budget.

AVOSYS recognizes that the pace of change in today’s business and technology environment may dictate unique needs in your business that cannot be met by packaged software. The software development team at AVOSYS can fill this void with its experience in designing and delivering custom software solutions that can /> be deployed in either a web-based or client/server based environment. Our development team is committed to understanding our clients’ ever-changing development environments and adapting our solution to meet their unique technical requirements. We focus on creating solutions that work within your business framework.

Once the project is ready to deploy, AVOSYS also features complete Web services hosting capabilities, including comprehensive backup and support options. These services are available 24/7, and are fully backed and maintained at our data center.

Development Services

Enterprises today focus on automating business functions, designing workflow solutions and streamlining information & communication flow for increased productivity and better performance. AVOSYS offers a host of business process automation solutions that help businesses grow by optimizing efficiencies, reducing costs and thus increasing profitability. Our Software Development offerings include:

  • Web Development: Intranet/Extranet
  • Database Design and Development
  • E-business: Business-to-Business, Business-to-Customer
  • Wireless and Mobile Platform Development
  • Client/Server Applications
  • Embedded Appliance & Packaged Development.
  • Content Management
  • Testing and Quality Assurance

Project Methodology

AVOSYS has a structured, customizable, iterative approach embodied in our delivery model that is designed to help organizations build and expand software products. The model is a collaborative starting point from which a project plan is developed. At AVOSYS, our goal is not simply to deliver transactional applications, but to create a recipe for success for our clients by implementing a development process that is understandable and repeatable. AVOSYS has established a ten step methodology for rapid design, development, and delivery that is second to none. These phases are:

1. Project Initiation
2. Discovery
3. Gap Analysis
4. Architecture Definition
5. Design
6. Development
7. Testing
8. Implementation
9. Post Implementation Support
10. Maintenance and Support