Collaborate Using Document Management Systems


Collaborate using Document Management Systems

With information running through every department, in form of reports, records, memos, agreements, documents and images, document management is critical to all organizations. Employees demand easy access to the right information at the right time. To put this in practice, especially when workforce is geographically distanced, organizations are increasingly expecting their document management system to connect the fragmented sources of company information.
Business Challenge:
Today’s highly dynamic and competitive environment demands your business to manage and leverage the flow of information, both internally and externally. Real time document sharing and collaboration is vital for any organization. At the same time you need to control the visibility, versioning, and distribution of your most crucial documents. In the quest to streamline operations, you need to manage and control workflows through all lifecycle stages, from creation to review, approval and distribution. Manual and paper-based document management, however, makes this a formidable task. The retrieval, delivery, storage, management, search of documents in such cases can be a difficult, time consuming, thus a cost factor for business operations.
Avosys Offering: Integrated Enterprise Content Management Solutions
With the fast pace of digitization of workflows eliminating paperwork, and an increasing emphasis on managing business data collection, processing and storage efficiently, companies are looking for experts to help them address this digital information overload. Avosys’ customized Document Management Solutions can address your needs by providing a systematic method for scanning, creating, categorizing, storing, locating, and retrieving your structured and unstructured documents. Avosys facilitates collaboration, sharing, and secure distribution and versioning of documents thereby reducing filing and distribution costs, improving and protecting access to information, complying with government regulations, digitizing your business process and workflows affecting the bottom line. Our key solutions include:
Enterprise Content Management and Portals: Sharepoint Document Management modules enable companies to adopt an electronic and automated approach to document management across the enterprise. It facilitates collaboration, provide content management features, implement business processes, and supply access to information that is essential to organizational goals and processes. Integrated collaboration and workflow tools can be used to access, create, modify, review, and approve documents globally in a controlled manner. The powerful analytics track each document from origin to obsolescence, gives managers complete visibility and control into the system. Avosys can create customized SharePoint sites that support specific content publishing, content management, records management, or business intelligence needs. From personal web pages, to team and departmental sites, Avosys can create enterprise wide executive information dashboards portal sites providing access to analysis of large amount of business data.
Network File and Print Services: Centralize storage from local workstations to branch office shared network file servers
Messaging Public Folders: Collaborate with centralized company messaging folders like Calendars, Contacts, Address Books, Task lists and Notes.
Business Process and Forms Services: Create workflows and electronic forms to automate and streamline your business processes. Transition from manual paper forms to online web based forms collecting information directly from source and storing digitally.
Enterprise Search: Implement enterprise wide search engines technologies to conduct effective index based searches for people, authorized documents and data.
Next Step:
Avosys’ integrated document management solutions connects fragmented information from multiple systems into a centralized dashboard; thereby optimizing business efficiency, effectiveness, and ultimately, profitability. Engage our enterprise content management Sharepoint experts to schedule a free demo and learn how your business can benefit from a single, integrated document management systems where employees can efficiently collaborate with team members, find organizational resources, search for experts and corporate information, manage content and workflow, and leverage business insight to make better-informed decisions.
Featured Products
  • Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft Search Server
  • Microsoft Forms Server and InfoPath
  • Microsoft Office System
  • Microsoft Office Communication Servers
  • Microsoft Windows Storage Server
  • Microsoft Exchange Online
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Online
  • Microsoft Live Meeting

Key Benefits

  • Simplify organization-wide access to both structured and unstructured information across disparate systems
  • Boot employee productivity by simplifying everyday business activities using automated workflows
  • Provide a simple, familiar and consistent user experience.
  • Help meet regulatory requirements through comprehensive control over content.
  • Effectively manage and repurpose content to gain increased business value.
  • Connect people with information and expertise.
  • Accelerate shared business processes across organizational boundaries.
  • Share business data without divulging sensitive information.
  • Enable people to make better-informed decisions by presenting business-critical information in one central location.
  • Provide a single, integrated platform to manage intranet, extranet, and Internet applications across the enterprise.
  • Eliminate time, labor, and cost of maintaining paper filing systems
  • Access documents anytime, anywhere
  • Reduce document redundancy
  • Improve compliance, reporting, and storage capabilities.