Make Decisions Using Business Intelligence


Make Decisions using Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is often called a savvy manager’s guide. It helps organizations deliver a better business performance by leveraging critical information from the entire value chain. The ability to collect and analyze external and internal business data can dictate how well an organization can generate knowledge and ultimately value. At its best,Business Intelligence empowers decision makers with deep real-time insight into the organization’s finances, customers, inventory, supply chain and other critical business measures; enabling them to make better business decisions at all levels of the organization.
Business Challenge:
With the proliferation of multi-vendor systems, there is more data than ever to manage and understand. Nevertheless, organizations are expected to have analytical real-time insights into the core business processes and controls. Business Intelligence is widely accredited to enable companies to extract more value from their data in order to improve corporate performance. The framing of the business intelligence opportunity at an organization is vital to determining the best path for planning future. Often, organizations implement point solutions that result in siloed pockets of data scattered across business lines, business functions and geographies. Further every department has its unique set of demands.A product development person seeks heads-up on a competitor’s R&D, while a salesperson wants insight on how best to bid on a new project, and a business development executive wants to run a business background check on a potential partner. As a business owner, you might consider it a long-term view of your marketplace and rivals. Integrating data from across the entire business domains to cater to such wide array of demands remains a formidable task. Lack of training and understanding of intelligence infrastructure and tools deter business managers from achieving full potential of their business.
Avosys Offerings:
Avosys’ Business Intelligence solutions helps organizations create a reliable foundation for decision making, gain better insight into their business, and optimize performance. Working together with your business managers, our team helps define and creates the critical mapping of key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with your business objectives. As a prerequisite, the business analysis team first focuses on collection of an organization’s internal and external data; creating data warehouse to store information in a usable format. Once completed, organizations can start to measure, analyze and use the data proactively, and generate analytics.Executives can then make critical, strategic decisions faster using factual real time data; and organizations can move forward faster, reinforcing strategic imperatives and boosting investment. From planning, performance management, reporting, query and analysis, and enterprise information management, our professionals design, build and maintain business intelligence solutions based on Microsoft tools and server technologies
Data Warehousing can help you provide insight into corporate data through an integrated, centrally managed, and trusted data source. Microsoft BI provides the proven capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2005 Integration Services, which can help you easily build and manage data warehouses that scale to meet the needs of even the largest and most complex organizations
Monitoring: Scorecards, dashboards, and key performance indicators (KPIs) help drive accountability and alignment across your organization.
Analytics: Integrated analytics helps you quickly move from monitoring information to analyzing it to sharing it throughout your organization.
Planning: A flexible framework offers powerful business planning, budgeting, and forecasting and management reporting functionality that supports critical business processes and strategic decision making.
Dashboards: Avosys offers tailored solutions to identify potential risks through comprehensive dashboards, reporting and analytics that help organizations proactively eliminate potential issues.
Reporting and Analytics: People need a way to rationalize all the data they encounter every day. Microsoft BI provides you with the reporting and analysis tools and technologies to capture both structured and unstructured information. The Reporting and Analytics module completes our business intelligence services that further help our clients generate knowledge and value for their organizations.
Next Step:
Avosys delivers Business intelligence on a simple promise: to improve business performance by driving better decision making throughout your organization. Custom designed modules gives you the information when you need, in the format you need. Ready to put the power of Business Intelligence to work for you? Take time out to talk to Avosys BI Consultants and improve your bottom line through better business decisions.
Featured Products
  • Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Office System
  • Microsoft Performance Point Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online

Key Benefits

  • Align your strategy with Infrastructure, People, Processes.
  • Get bird’s eye view into your business status and progress through BI Dashboards
  • Gain insights that help pinpoint new revenue-generating opportunities and improve operational efficiencies and visibility
  • Optimize the return on existing business and IT investments
  • Enable faster problem-solving and decision making at the strategic, operational and tactical levels
  • Access and receive information in a timely manner in order to make informed business decisions.
  • Produce reports of varying complexity to meet a wide set of information needs.
  • Uncover business drivers through analytics