Secure Your Assets


Secure your Assets

IT creates opportunities; opening doors to new business models, new markets, and new ways to connect. At the same time, information security poses an ever-present challenge for businesses. While embracing new business opportunities and new ways of working, organizations expose themselves to varied risk. While the accessibility of business information is critical to success in today’s world, a vulnerable IT system may expose your business to irrevocable damage and litigations.
Business Challenge:
IT plays a critical role in business risk management. An element of risk may arise from multiple sources like inadequate technology use policies and processes, lack of internal and external security measures, remote, internet and extranet connectivity and unsecured physical access to servers and offsite backup media. As enterprises open and extend their networks to their remote branch offices, mobile workforce and 3rd party suppliers, vendors and customers – their threats and vulnerabilities increase. These threats target the key assets of business; consumers, brands, Web sites, and internal networks.Most security technologies address just one aspect of business assets, neglecting weak points in other layers vulnerable to attack. Many businesses struggle to leverage investments in do-it-yourself or point solutions. These partial solutions often provide quickly-outdated anti-virus updates and inadequate 24×7 intrusion prevention and detection capabilities. Increasing software complexity at every server and remote client access endpoints is also a potential cause. As businesses increase their dependency on IT systems, most business executives struggle with finding answer to questions like: Is our data secure enough? Are we compliant with policies and regulations? How to ensure uninterrupted availability of network? If our systems go down, how quickly can we recover? And how much data will we lose?
Offerings: Comprehensive IT Security Solutions
Avosys offers a comprehensive approach to protect every aspect of your organization. We offer solutions to guard your business against growing cyber crime and identity thefts. Our security experts review your current security measure in places, identify exposure points within your IT infrastructure, and design a cost-effective solution to provide the appropriate level of protection, safeguarding your organization. Our approach starts with identifying critical control elements of Web, data, and messaging security, including
  • Who is authorized to access specific Web sites, sensitive content, or applications;
  • What data is critically important to your organization and must be protected from accidental or intentional leaks;
  • How you allow sensitive data to be communicated, and how online resources can be used safely and productively by your business.
  • Where you allow users to go online, and where sensitive data can be sent safely;
After a complete security assessment, Avosys security experts will implement and manage multiple security control measures, including:
  • Policy and Access Control: Implement security measure to mitigate risk. Complemented by enterprise-class policy base auditable authentication, authorization, access and identity control systems. For network access, Web applications, e-mail and database systems.
  • Antivirus/Anti-Spam/Malware: Multi-layer end point protection and Virus Defense to guard against today’s constantly evolving security threats. Covering desktop, Internet gateway, e-mail, file, database and application servers.
  • Web Content and Filtering Systems: Protect your employees from Internet risks by controlling access to inappropriate content and proactively blocking security threats before they have a chance to infect their systems.
  • Industry Compliance / Encryption: Implement industry specific IT security control measures and manage secure certificate infrastructure to encrypt your sensitive corporate data exchange information safely with key business partners while meeting compliance requirements.
Microsoft Windows Server Operating Systems: Active Directory, Group Policy, Web, Mail, File Print Services, Domain Networking Services, Enterprise SSL Certificate Services and VPN
Featured Products
  • Cisco PIX/ASA 5500 Series Firewalls
  • Microsoft Internet and Security Acceleration Server (ISA)
  • Symantec and Sonicwall Firewalls
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection Suite
  • Symantec Backupexec
  • Symantec Backup System Recovery
  • Symantec NetBackup
  • Symantec Mail Security: Gateway, Exchange, SMTP
  • Symantec Ghost Solutions Suite
  • Computer Associates/McAfee/Trend Micro Security Suites
  • Microsoft Exchange Hosted Filtering
  • Microsoft Exchange Hosted Archive
  • Microsoft Exchange Hosted Continuity
  • Microsoft Exchange Hosted Encryption
  • Websence/Sufrcontrol/Baracuda Web Content Filtering Systems
  • Verisign/Thwate/GeoTrust/Comodo SSL Certificates
Next Step:
There is no second best option, where your security is concerned. Avosys helps you guard against known and unforeseen security threats, and minimize risk, data loss and data corruption. Applying a broad range of technologies, Avosys provides a tailored solution to meet your security and compliance needs. Speak to our security expert and guard your business with our best-in-class multi-layer security solutions.

Key Benefits

  • Achieve business integrity through information security.
  • Gain visibility and control over IT resources.
  • Prove compliance with auditable security control measures
  • Gain confidence of regulatory agencies and consumers
  • Block unauthorized access to confidential data
  • Protect data and devices with 1024-bit encryption
  • Reduce data loss, downtime due to unauthorized access or human error.
  • Securely provide direct access to data and applications to business partners, vendors, suppliers and customers..